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Babysteps to Reading
Learn about best practices in early reading from Reading Expert and Grampa, Dr. Douglas B. Rogers
Babysteps to Reading
Learn to use the words you encounter each day to help baby learn to read
toddler in tent with bear
Babysteps to Reading
Foster the love of books and reading even before your child goes to school


Learn how to guide your children from birth to elementary school to become successful readers. Starting from a love of stories,  building on their curiosity about print and your children will develop their ability to decode written language.


Make Sense of Print

Helping Kids Make Sense of Print Can’t Tell the Players without a Program? When learning anything new, you encounter many new special words. To learn to play baseball, players learn
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Street signs

Read First Words

FIND WORDS Helping Toddlers Read their first Words   What words do toddlers read first? Are they the common words we see most often when we read: is, from, the, I?
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Talk Like a Baby

Baby Talk Your baby can begin to learn to read and write from birth—and you can help. Learn how reading books to infants can help your baby start on the
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