How children learn to read and write: how we can help them

A review of contemporary research in literacy instruction, including recent Ministry of Education reports, such as the Early Reading Strategy: The Report of the Expert Panel on Early Reading in Ontario; and Think Literacy Success Grades 7-12: The Report of the Expert Panel on Students at Risk in Ontario, and describes how children develop from not being able to read at all to reading proficiently. Dr. Rogers draws on his doctorate in reading education and his experiences as a literacy educator, psycho-educational consultant, and early literacy expert on the Ministry of Education Turnaround Schools Program. His well-developed slide presentation is used to illustrate specific, concrete teaching materials and procedures for helping children learn to read and write their first words, develop phonemic awareness, conduct phonic analysis, comprehend sophisticated reading material, and read and write to learn content subjects at secondary school. Parents and teachers report that this presentation gave them a clear understanding of how to nurture literacy from preschool to grad school. (3 hours)

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